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Jiyuu smiled slightly, getting up out of his spot to walk with Kyo to wherever he was taking him. He kept his eyes down, He didn't know what the other had in mind.

Kyo walked down the hallway into his decently sized bathroom across from the bedroom. "Sit down..." There was no chair, so that meant Jiyuu would have to sit on the toilet seat. He grabbed a pair of hair-cutting scizzors he kept in a cup on top of the counter, and turned to face his new "project."

Jiyuu looked at the blades and he scooted back, "What are you going to do Kyo?" He asked, looking somewhat afraid. He bit his lip and trembled slightly.

"Nothing you have to be afraid of...." He stepped towards the darker haired-him, and began to start to clip the sides of the other's bangs on one side, making them incredibly short, while keeping the other side long. He then began to layer it, cutting it at different angles, making him look like a mirror image of him a few years ago on a 5Ugly Kingdom tour. "Don't look in the mirror, this is going to be a suprise." Snip, Snip, Snip.

Jiyuu watched his precious hair fall to the ground and he gasped when the first big lock fell, he caught it and looked wide eyed up at Kyo, "What...what are you doing to me!!" He whined.

"Just wait..." It didn't take him long to finish the cut. He then grabbed a comb and hair spray, and began spraying and teasing like crazy. Being the expert that he was, it didn't take him ages to make Jiyuu's hair look like a rockstar's (well, what!!). Kyo smirked to himself at what he had done. "Go ahead and look." He was excited to see the response.

Jiyuu went to his knees on the bathroom floor, afraid to look in the mirror, he crept up the counter slowly, once fully up and he caught a glimpse of his hair, he gasped and pulled at the longer pieces, "WHERE DID IT ALL GO." Jiyuu yelled, gasping, horrified, he tried to smooth out his hair, "Get it down! Get it down!" He whined looking at Kyo, "What did you do to me?"

"I fixed your hair, it was boring." Kyo said simply. If there was one thing that bothered him, it was boring hair, and on him it was even more annoying. "It looks good, Jiyuu, don't worry. You look se--- well, you look good." He caught himself. Good boy.

Jiyuu whimpered a bit more and stood up fully, "Okay..." He murmered, walking out of the bathroom. "My hair sure isnt soft anymore..." He said, pouting. He walked back into the living room and sat down, watching TV.

Kyo rolled his eyes and followed Jiyuu back into the other room, plopping himself down to watch the TV with him. He couldn't help but notice how... just fucking GOOD Jiyuu looked... how good he looked. I'm a genius... He couldn't help thinking to himself.
"We're going to need to buy you some clothes, because obviously you're not wearing mine."

"Okay. Should we do that now? These clothes itch." He said, pouting. He looked over at Kyo and gave him a cute look, "I want some clothes like yours."

"Well, sadly we're not anywhere near anywhere too cool. I don't feel like driving way the hell out there, as I already did that today." Kyo shifted himself so that he was lying down, his head on a pillow, his feet up on the couch, almost touching Jiyuu, but not quite. "How about we get you clothes tomorrow? You can borrow something for the night if you want to change."

Jiyuu nodded and got up, "I'll go get something." He walked over to Kyo's room and went into the closet, digging around for something interesting. He found a pair of tiny shorts. Drain Away shorts.
"These look nice!" Jiyuu whispered to himself, stripping out of the pants he was in and into the little booty shorts. He then took off his shirt. This would do just fine, He didn't want to take all of Kyo's clothes, so he took a little. He walked back out to the living room and struck a pose, "How do I look, Kyo?" He asked, smiling brightly.

Kyo sat up to have a look, and literally fell off anime-style when he saw the other warumono, showing him the same body he admired in the mirror every day minus the scars. "Ji-Ji-Jiyuu... Those aren't comfortable, I know because I wore them, and I meant borrow something comfortable for the night to sleep in." He rubbed his now hurting head, as it had bumped into his coffee table when he fell.

Jiyuu grinned, "They're pretty comfy, except they're a bit tight here" He grabbed his crotch and shrugged, "Want to get me something more comfortable, Kyo? I don't know what to get."

"Exactly... When you're sleeping, that's what you want to be the most comfortable, believe me." I guess I'll have to do this myself... The vocalist stood up and walked back to his room again, and pulled out an old, loose Blitz 5 Days tour tank-top, along with a pair of loose jeans similar to what he was wearing now. "Here... Oh, and..." He pulled a pair of white Calvin Klein's from his underwear drawer and handed those to him as well. "This outfit is comfortable. I'll leave while you change."

"No need," He said, quickly stripping the shorts and pulling on the pair of underwear, then pants, and lastly the shirt. He smiled and walked out, crashing on the couch again, laying down slightly.

But it was too late, Kyo had scampered away before Jiyuu could answer, knowing it would probably be something like that. He couldn't tempt himself. No, not tempt himself, he couldn't invade Jiyuu's privacy... Even though his privacy was his own, it's not like Jiyuu had anything he hadn't seen many times before..
The original warumono was already lying down and taking up most of the space on the couch, leaving very little room for the other to lay down with him.

Jiyuu leaned on Kyo on the couch, wrapping an arm around his leg, and rubbing his face against the others knee, snuggling in. "Are we sleeping here?" He asked, softly, yawning.

Kyo shook his leg to try to get Jiyuu off, sort of as an instinct. He wasn't used to that sort of affection, and it made him uneasy. "Er, no, you are. I'm sleeping in my room."

"Oh." He said, sitting up and bringing his knees to his chest.

"Yeah. See, people don't sleep together unless they're...married, or lovers, or something to that extent. It wouldn't be right for us, you see?" He didn't want Jiyuu to be hurt.

"Okay." He said simply, keeping his eyes down. He grabbed a pillow and held it close to his chest, hugging it tightly.

"Anyway... It is getting late, and I'm tired." Kyo got up and yawned. "I'll grab you a blanket, and then let's get some sleep, hn?" He did what he said he was going to do, and got a soft, warm blanket for the other man. "Sleep well, Jiyuu..." After patting the other's head gently, he wandered back into his now tidy room, slipping into bed for the second time today. And what a day it had been.

Jiyuu wrapped himself up and curled into a ball, falling asleep quickly. He slept silently, and without difficulty.

It wasn't long after the warumono's head his soft pillow that he was out. Unluckily for him though, he slept with some difficulty... He was having a dream.
"I know you want this, Kyo..." Jiyuu whispered softly in his ear as he rubbed the very obvious bulge in his pants.
"Jiyuu, I told you.... Stop right now." But his clone wouldn't listen. "You're supposed to obey me..."
"I'd obey if you told me what you really want me to do, Kyo.." His hand now slipping under his boxers and grabbing his penis lightly. "I don't know how, you'll have to teach me, Kyo...."

Kyo woke with a horrible start. WHAT.THE.FUCK. Yep, he had an full hard on now, and it was about 3:30 in the morning. It was dead silent outside, no birds were chirping, just darkness and silence. Most people were asleep and had no problems right now, but oh no, not him. He had a bigger problem than he ever had (pun intended), and he had to get rid of it. And he, again, wasn't going to let that side of him win. He slipped off his bed and crept across the hall silently, intent on taking a cold shower.

Jiyuu woke up with a start, "Kyo?" He called out, his voice soft, sweet, vulnerable. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. He was sure he heard something. When no one answered, he called out more frantically, "Kyo!?"

Kyo had barely reached the door when he heard the cause of this problem calling his name. He whinced, he knew he couldn't ignore him, what if something was wrong?
"Yes, Jiyuu?" He poked his head around the corner to look at the big poof that was Jiyuu's hair. "Something wrong?"

"I... I'm afraid. Come sit with me?" He asked, being genuinely spooked. It was dark, Jiyuu hated the pitch darkness. He was curled up in his blanket, it being wrapped around his tightly. He waited for Kyo, shaking slightly.

Oh god.... "Uhhh.... I was just about to slip into the shower, it's sort of an emergency, think you can wait a minute?" He couldn't see how bad his clone was shaking in the dark. "Or you need me right this second?"

"Right now..." His voice cracked, biting his lip and trembling. He curled his toes and looked around, his eyes not quite adjusted to the darkness.

Kyo rolled his eyes and walked over. "What are you afraid of?" He plopped himself down next to Jiyuu yet again, trying to sit in a position where he wouldn't be able to notice anything going on between his legs. That's the last thing he needed. "What's that, Kyo?" "Oh, this is a boner, I had a dream about you and I and now I want to have sex with you, even though I said we couldn't earlier, but we still can't!"

Jiyuu smiled and leaned his head on Kyo, "I don't like the dark," He was still trembling a bit. He bit his lip and looked up at the outline of Kyo.

"I used to be too, when I was little. I was told though, that it's nothing to be afraid of, it's the same as it is when it's light out, it's just a bit harder to see. But other than that, it's exactly the same. And that theory has never been proven wrong, so I think it's right." Kyo shifted uncomfortably at the contact. The words 'I'd obey you if you told me what it is you wanted...' kept ringing through his head. He shifted nervously, trying to seem casual.

Jiyuu's head slipped with Kyo's shift, and his head somewhat landed on Kyo's thigh/crotch. Feeling something hard, Jiyuu curiously ran his fingertips over it, "What is this Kyo??" He asked, sitting up.

"Jiyuu..!" Kyo yelped, jumping back up to his feet. "Nothing, but the dark's nothing to be afraid of, so you should go back to sleep, I am going to take that shower."

Something about the way Kyo yelped made Jiyuu grin with subconcious sadistic pleasure. He nodded, "Okay Kyo. Have a nice time." He whispered.

"I uhh, I will." He hurried out of the room, and into the bathroom, closing the door quickly behind him. That was close... He turned on the water, moving it to the cold side. As he stripped himself, he looked into the mirror. Was it him, or did he look better than usual? He tried not to look at or notice his throbbing dick as he forced himself into the freezing shower. He couldn't hold in a little cry of shock at how cold the water was, and covered his mouth quickly. There was no way Jiyuu didn't hear that, the house was dead silent, and he didn't have a noisy shower. He hoped he was wrong, and he let the cold water wash over him.

The grin grew wider with Kyo's cry. He laid down and closed his eyes, falling asleep.

After a few minutes, his mind was off of the dream, and set back on his comfy bed, and sleeping in it. He shut off the water and stepped out, shaking his head like a wet dog before grabbing a towel and wiping the dextra droplets off. He was exhausted. Leaving his clothes on the floor, he took the few steps to his room, and crawled back into his bed, butt naked and hair still wet, falling asleep the moment his head hit the mattress.

Jiyuu woke up around 8 AM. He got up and walked into the kitchen, making breakfast and bringing it into Kyo's room for him. He nudged the other awake and whispered in his ear, "Wake up sleepy head, I've got you food!" He made something along the lines of an egg. He wasnt quite sure what it was, but he guessed it looked right from a cooking show he had watched yesterday.

Kyo groaned and turned his head the other way. 8:00 in the morning was wayyyy too early for this guy.

"Want me to rip off the blankets? And turn on the light?" He asked joyfully. He smiled widely, "Come on, we have to go shop, Kyo!"

Kyo didn't answer. He was hoping the little nuisance would just go away and come back a few hours later. He mumbled something into his pillow, but there was no way that anyone would ever understand it.

"Have it your way!" Jiyuu ripped off the blanket, and tossed it away from the bed. He giggled at the fact that the other was ass naked. He ran a finger down Kyo's back then pranced out of the room playfully, "I guess it's good we have the same body or me ripping off the blanket would of been awkward since I'm not a girl." He said in a sing song voice.

Kyo sprung up like a scared cat when a finger was run down his smooth skin, cursing under his breath. He walked to the door, closed it, locked it, and then crawled back into bed. Like hell he was getting up this early, not on a day off, no way in hell. Jiyuu would just have to wait, especially after a nasty stunt like that. He grabbed the plate that his double had made for him, eating it in just a couple bites, and swallowed the last one as he layed back down.

Later that day, Jiyuu was dressed in the same clothes and his hair was a big messy poof. "Ready Kyo? We gotta go." He was like an impatient child.

"Right right right..." Kyo had just finished styling his hair. He put on a pair of large sunglasses and grabbed his keys. "Put these on." He handed a pair of glasses identical to his own to Jiyuu. "We have to try to be undercover, in case we run into fans, which could easily happen." He totally forgot that Jiyuu had no idea how famous the man he was living with was.

"Undercover? Are we spies?" Jiyuu asked at first about being undercover, "Wait." He pointed to the ceiling fan above them, "We're going to run into those??" He looked horrified. Biting his lip he put the glasses on, "Are these for protection against them?" He asked, walking out the door behind Kyo.

Now realizing Jiyuu had no clue who he really was, he knew they might run into some trouble. "No. It's a long story... Hopefully one you won't need to know. Let's just hope you don't". He didn't feel like going into any major details about how famous he was throughout the world as a singer, and about the horrors of some fans he had come across during this career.
They got to the car and they both got in, having a silent ride to the nearest shopping mall.
"Well, here we are." The place wasn't huge, but it probably looked really big to Jiyuu, who hadn't been inside anything but Kyo's apartment, a small ice cream shop, and the hospital.

Jiyuu's eyes widened, a large grin occupied his face. "Kyo! It's giant! Is it a giant closet??" He asked, dashing towards it, motioning for Kyo to follow him. He stopped at the doors, confused as how to open them. It was a revolving door, "Kyo!! Help me!" Jiyuu squealed.

"It's a mall. Inside there are lots of stores, we'll get your clothes here." The warumono stepped calmly up to the other, looking at the door. "Just watch me.." He walked in when it was open, and took a couple steps to get inside. He gave Jiyuu a confident smile, as if to say "You can do it."

Jiyuu watched wide eyed and he walked against the door, only, Jiyuu didn't stop walking he kept going. He went around twice then managed to step inside. "That thing is bad, Kyo." He said, looking at the other, somewhat sad. He pushed the sunglasses up the bridge of his nose and sniffed. He then noticed the inside of the mall, and he gasped he had never seen anything more amazing in his life and he was shocked. It was all so bright and colorful. "Let go!!"

Kyo chuckled as Jiyuu kept walking when he was supposed to step out, and he smile was still planted on his face when the silly man got it right the second time. "All right."
Kyo began to lead the way to a Hot Topic-esque store (only bigger).
"How can I help you?" A lady behind the counter said. She sounded bored, and looked it, too. She had short black and pink hair, heavy dark eye make up, and bright purple lipstick on her thin lips. She was short (about the same height as the two who just walked in), and had a small, delicate nose. Pretty cute.
"We're fine, but thank you." Kyo said, trying to keep his distance just in case she knew who Dir en grey was (and from the looks of her and what she was wearing, she probably did). "This way, Jiyuu..." He led him to a rack with all kinds of pants.
"Grab whatever you want, when you want to try something on, go ask that lady over there to let you into a changing room to see if they fit. If they do and you like them, go ahead and check out the other stuff in here. Come and get me when you've decided what you like, I'm going to use the restroom." He pointed across the store to where those were located.

Jiyuu nodded and spun around once, looking at everything, before running over to a corner where there were a bunch of bright, pink and yellow and blue clothing. He found a shirt that had an image of a zombie-esque bird on the front and he picked it up, holding it up to himself, taking off the glasses for a moment, he looked down at it, then at the girl at the counter, "Do you think this would look okay on me?" Jiyuu asked, smiling.

The girl behind the counter's eyes widened. "K-K-K-Kyo!?" She squealed, her cheeks deepening into a blush, "Of course! Anything looks good on you!"
Jiyuu backed away, "Uhm. Kyo?" He asked, biting his lip nervously. Suddenly a couple of girls walked in babbling about something, when they caught sight of Jiyuu, they all squealed as well, running towards him, grabbing his hand and exploding with compliments and questions.
Jiyuu backed away, trying to rip his hand free from the crazy girl's grip, "Thank you, Ah! I'm not- Let go of me! Stop it... Please, I'm not Kyo!" He yelped, trying to get away from the insane fangirls. "Kyo's in the bathroom!!" Jiyuu finally had to yell, backing into a corner and holding his shirt close to him.
"Are you a cosplayer??" The girls asked.
"What's that?" Jiyuu questioned weakly, trembling. He was terrified, horrified. Why did these girls want Kyo so badly?
The girls giggled, "He's so cute." The boldest one said, walking towards Jiyuu, "So, if you aren't Kyo, who are you?" She ran a finger down the side of Jiyuu's face.
Jiyuu whimpered slightly, "I...I'm Jiyuu." He whispered, near tears.
"Jiyuu? Even cuter. Hey, why don't you come with us?" The girl asked.
Jiyuu then fell to the ground and cried out for Kyo, "Kyo!! Save me!!" He screamed, curling up into a ball.

Kyo finished washing his hands and stood a moment looking at himself in the mirror, as he always did when there was a mirror, debating whether or not to take a picture. Over the years in front of cameras, he had really grown quite fond of them. "Ehhh, not now.." He muttered to himself, opening the door and leaving. Shouts from Jiyuu met his ears immediately, and he hurried off to find him, and he saw why he was shouting. He hated confronting fans, but he couldn't leave Jiyuu like this.
He walked up to the scene, hands in his pockets and slouching slightly. He coughed to announce his arrival, and the girls all turned to see their real idol- holes in his lips, current blonde hair and the dark beard that made him look even more manly and mature.

Jiyuu scampered past the girls and behind Kyo. Peeking around his leg.
"Is this some sort of trick?" The bold girl asked, Putting her hands on her hips and pursuing her lips. She frowned and looked to her friends who were drooling. Jiyuu watched the girls then looked at Kyo, he had never looked more serious in his life. "They were hurting me, Kyo." Jiyuu whispered.
The bold girl smirked, "We were just admiring him, Mr. Kyo." She didn't believe that this was the real Kyo either.

"Yes, he does look an awful lot like Kyo... However I can assure you he's not, and if you really are fans of Kyo's, you would know this just by his hair style and the lack of scars on his face. So, you can leave him alone." He wasn't rude, just put it bluntly and simply. He didn't really believe they were hurting Jiyuu, but he didn't appriciate whatever they were doing, either.

The girls rolled their eyes then walked away, it was all a big joke.
Jiyuu stood up, his legs shaking, he still held the cute shirt to his chest, "I found this. And I like it." He whispered, holding it out infront of him. He handed it to Kyo, then turned around, "Stay with me, ne? I don't want to be attacked again, I don't like women anymore." He said, somewhat emotionless. He then moved over to the darker clothes and grabbed a black shirt with a detailed skull in the top corner, it dripped blood from off the side of its head and a white raven was in the bottom corner of it, with a red eye. He picked it up and grinned. He then went through picking out a pair of skinny jeans, a few other shirts, some jewelry and looked to Kyo, "Can I try these on now?" He asked.

Kyo rolled his eyes when Jiyuu said 'I don't like woman anymore'. Not all women were quite like that... Sure, he'd had his horrid experiences, but that's how life was. "I'll stay close by." He followed Jiyuu from rack to rack, not necessarily right next to him, but close enough that the much more inexperienced version of himself wouldn't feel scared or intimidated by the world around him. He felt like a babysitter. "Yeah, I'll get the lady for you since you seem to be so frightened... You're going to need to get over that, by the way." He added as he began walking back to the counter.
"Miss, can we get some assistance?" He asked politely.

The lady nodded, keeping her head down, avoiding eye contact with both of the warumono. She moved and unlocked a dressing room for Jiyuu. He waited for her to move before walking into the dressing room with his clothes and trying on the bright pink shirt with the bird on it, and black skinny jeans. He walked out and put his hands on his hips, "How does this look, Kyo?" He asked, smiling weakly.

"It looks good, but if I were you, I'd go for a different shirt..." He was over his days of bright pink shirts being 'acceptable.'

Jiyuu pouted, "I like it. So I'm getting it" He walked back into the dressing room and tried on the black shirt with the skull and the raven on it. He smiled at his reflection then walked out, "I like this one too." After he tried on all of the clothes and debated against shirts, he decided on a bright blue shirt, black shirt, and 2 pairs of skinny leg jeans, one pair white, one pair black. He handed his selections to Kyo and grinned.

Kyo nodded as he took the pile of clothes from Jiyuu and headed to the counter, setting them down and waiting as the lady put things into a bag. "Will that be all?" She asked. "Yes, thank you.." Polite as always, Kyo took the bag and motioned with his head for his clone to follow him out the door. "You want to go to any other shops?"

He looked around and saw a boy walk by with rings in his lips. His eyes widened, "I want those. A lot of them" He said, grinning.

Kyo smirked. "You see these?" He tilted his bearded chin up slightly and pouted his bottom lip out for a semi-dramatic effect and pointed at the holes left in his face. "When you get tired of wearing them or taking care of them, you'll be stuck with this. You don't want that, now do you?" Even though Kyo himself loved the look of piercings, he wasn't eager to fuck up Jiyuu's perfect face with holes. He rather liked the innocent look of himself.

"I like them. And I want them" He said, semi stubbornly, "It'll make me look tougher, maybe those girls won't mess with me if I have them!" He said, grinning, "Please Kyo?" He pouted his lip and lowered his head to make his eyes look bigger and sweeter.

"Do what you like, Jiyuu. But we can't get your lip pierced here, we're at a common shopping mall. We'll have to go to a body piercing shop. While we're here, do you want more clothes or anything?" The warumono was all up for hitting some more shops to get it out of the way, he didn't want to have to come back tomorrow or the next day because Jiyuu was whining about wanting new clothes. "Two pairs of jeans isn't going to get you by."

"Sure." He said, shrugging. He looked around, "What stores are good? Lead the way!" He said, smiling. He tilted his head up and looked around, "It looks all so inviting!" He bit his lip happily.

"Well I'd rather go to a smokeshop or underground store for the good stuff, but..." He started walking, still carrying Jiyuu's bag from the first store, and led him to a pretty average clothing store. Sold things like button down colar shirts and ripped or baggy jeans. "This is good for things to wear on a daily basis." His eyes immidietly hit the sunglasses rack as he spoke, "And I need a new pair of glasses, you go ahead and look around." He then left the darker haired him to wander around the store, that was larger than the previous one. It also had brighter stuff and lots of neat jewelry accesories that weren't too flashy or girly.

Jiyuu walked around and went over to a rack where there was a bunch of long sleeved plaid-like country esque shirts. He picked out a light blue one, then a cream colored one. He then wandered over to a rack with jewelry, he picked through it, picking out a few silver rings, and a black choker. The next thing to catch his eye was a pair of Aviator Sunglasses on display, he walked over to them and picked them up, trying them on and looking at himself in the mirror. Sexy. He made a face at himself and licked his lips. He liked them, he would get these.
He then meandered on over to the jeans section, he picked out a pair of ripped blue jeans and few other pairs of plain dark jeans.
Walking over to the jacket area of the store, he grabbed a semi poofy jacket with a fur hood, a parka jacket.
Grinning to himself, the clone form of Kyo was having a helluva time just looking around and picking things out that he liked.
Once he found everything he wanted, he walked over to Kyo and showed him his rather large stack.

Kyo's eyes widened for a moment as he looked down at the pile of clothes, he himself had barely just finished picking out his sunglasses and a new necklace. "You like this store better?" He smiled and took all the stuff from Jiyuu, plopping them down on the counter. A young man that was very well groomed and wore clothes that matched with the style of the store was there, and he began to put Jiyuu's new clothes and accessories in a large bag.

"Did you see my sunglasses? They're nice." He said, nodding and grinning at Kyo. He looked around, "Now take me to where you really want to go." He said after they had paid for everything.

"They are nice." He said as he returned the quick bow to the man, and headed out of this store. "Where I really want to go is to the food court." His stomach had started to growl while he was taking his time fiddling with all the necklaces, and now he wanted to get rid of his hunger.

"A whole court for food!" He exclaimed, smiling and rubbing his stomach, "I really like food, Kyo," He said, grinning stupidly and tilting his head, "Don't you?" He asked. Holding the bag that was just given to them.

Kyo couldn't help but smile and practically giggle at the other. "I know you do. I like it except it makes me fat." He nodded and poked his own stomach, which he had noticed had lately began to stick out slightly more than it used to. He had to take care of that...

Jiyuu frowned, "What's fat?" Just then, an overly obesse girl walked by, "Is that fat?" He turned up his nose and nearly gagged, "Kyo..." He put his hand on Kyo's shoulder, "You do not look like that. You are not the size of that. Me and you together wouldn't even equal that." He said, in a matter of fact tone. "Trust yourself, now! To the court of food!" He raised his arm in his exclaimation.

"Yes, that is fat." The warumono couldn't help but smirk at what Jiyuu said, it reminded him of himself. He had little or no respect for people who were that much overweight.. A bit of extra flesh was fine with him, no harm done, but too much wasn't good. It was unhealthy, for one thing, and in his mind, meant the person had no respect for themselves. So why should he respect them? "Right."
He lead the way down for a walk that took a few minutes till they reached a big area with lots of different small restaurants in a giant circle, different smells came from each one. "What are you in the mood for?"

Jiyuu inhaled deeply all the scents and dramatically fake collapsed onto Kyo, "There's no way I can decide! It smells all too delicious. I want it all." He said, eyes wide, and a smile stretching across his whole face.

"Well you can only pick one place.." Kyo pushed Jiyuu back on his feet, he was a bit too shy for that sort of behavior. "But you can go ahead and have a look around first..." He smiled slightly as he watched himself-with-darker-hair from behind began to happily walk ahead of him to look at all the different choices. He found Jiyuu's prescence to be refreshing, he seemed so carefree and little things amused him.

He wanted to know more about him. But how was that possible? There wasn't much he could learn, as he'd been with him from the moment he really entered this world, and he had only been there for about a day...

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