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June 29th, 2007 11:38 pm

[ mood | accomplished ]

This isn't an update (sorry!), but we're going to be working on it. We had a delay in updating due to the fact I went to Los Angeles, CA for a few days and saw Dir en grey at Gibson Amphitheatre.

I was the first one on the rail dead center in front of Kyo, got his autograph, and did my best to write a detailed Live Report.

Since we all obviously love Dir en grey, if anyone's interested in reading it, it is here:


There's also a link to official photos taken of this show there, if anyone's interested in pictures.

Sorry it basically only talks about Kyo, and it's realllllly long. Hope you enjoy, we'll make an actual update on kyoxfreedom soon!

ALSO, since this is a public post, anyone who has only friended the community should be able to see it. Remember if you want to read past the first two parts, you'll have to actually join the community instead of just friend/watch it. There are a few people who only friended it.

Bye for now!

- Kelynn // Kyo

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May 10th, 2007 8:18 pm

[ mood | okay ]

Jiyuu smiled slightly, getting up out of his spot to walk with Kyo to wherever he was taking him. He kept his eyes down, He didn't know what the other had in mind.

PART IICollapse )

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May 7th, 2007 8:04 pm

[ mood | lazy ]

"So... You see, Mr. Nishimura.." The man cleared his throat, "May I call you that..?"
Only silence from the smaller man.
The scientist shrugged it off and lead the other down a long, white hallway, "Your clone turned out beautifully, a perfect replica...Only.. Your clone's hair is dark. Because of the DNA cloning, the natural hair color came through, and we thought we'd leave it to you to change it, if you wished." A nervous chuckle escaped the tall man's lips, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, he continued, "And, as far as the behaviour of your clone, There should be no problems..." The man looked to his feet for a moment, "He's completely functional. Would you like to meet your mirror image, Mister...Kyo?" The man hesitated with using Kyo's last name again.

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